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WELCOME >> We provide guided small group metal detecting tours on well-researched, historic, private properties though partnerships with landowners. Our tours take groups to England, rural Virginia, historic beaches, and the Deep South. Our clients are taught the history of the lands and are able to choose from multiple properties.
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A particular category of metal detecting is metal detecting WWII sites for relics from the Second World War. For many, it is one of the most exciting areas of metal detecting. World War II is not too far back in time, so many of the items are still in good condition. In some places you don’t even need a metal detector, the finds lay loose on the ground. Of course, this applies mainly to cliffs and rocky terrain.
Essex Scottish Regiment 1885-1935 semi-centennial fob. A few years later, during World War II, the regiment participated in the Dieppe Raid, and by the end of the war had suffered the most casualties of any unit in the Canadian army. Portuguese 10 Reis of José I (1751-1776), modified into a W or M tag. The part of Windsor where this was found ... City of Coeur d'Alene 710 E. Mullan Ave Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814 Phone: 208.769.2300 8:00am - 5:00pm Monday - Friday
WWII Relic Hunting/Metal Detecting Episode V: This is a video of our February tour .We spent two days on the former Eastern Front, visiting multiple location... Ww2 Aircraft Military Aircraft Ww2 Planes Royal Air Force WWII Relic Hunting and Metal Detecting Episode IX: This is a video of our last tour this year. It's not really a tour like the other ones ... Findings of the second world war, Relic hunting, WW2, Excavation WWII, Metal detector treasure, found treasure, treasure of goldMetal Detecting WW2 Battlefields Germany - Garrett Ace 150 Pro Pointer. 6 WW2 helmets in one hole! Join me as I metal detect in Germany along the Eastern Front searching for World War 2 treasure. WWII Relic Hunting and Metal Detecting Episode IX: This is a video of our last tour this year.
Even more extensive metal detecting will be used to search on the surface of the island while exhaustive archaeological digs will be conducted near the historic homestead foundations of Daniel ...
Коп по войне. Лучшие моменты. | World War II Metal Detecting. 20 минут 41 секунда. Коп по Войне. Ручьи WW2.
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